Equality & Diversity


We are committed to promoting equality and diversity. In addition as we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) , under the SRA rules we are required to collect and publish our workforce diversity data.

None of our employees are obliged to provide their diversity data, but those that do, do so by filling out an online survey which maintains their anonymity.

Below we detail a summary of our 2023 SRA Survey.

Which best describes your role in the firm?

Lawyer 33.33%
Business Support 66.67%


What age bands do you fall under?

16-24 16.67%
25-14 16.67%
35-44 29.17%
45-55 12.50%
55-65 8.33%
65+ 12.50%
Prefer not to say 4.17%


What is your gender?

Female 70.83%
Male 29.17%


What is your ethnic group?

White 87.50%
BAME 8.33%
Prefer not to say 4.17%