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Helping You Through Covid-19


(UPDATED 26 April 2020)

We want to let you know what we are doing to ensure we continue to give you a seamless and excellent service throughout this difficult period, while keeping you and our team as safe as possible.


Continuity of Service

All our lawyers have laptops which means they can access our systems and work on your cases remotely and securely.

We are using video conferencing facilities wherever possible to remove the need for face to face meetings and travel.

All of our team has access to video conferencing: on laptops and on their mobile devices, so they can discuss your case between themselves or with you without compromising the need to not congregate in groups.

However following the Prime Minister’s statement on Monday 23 March 2020 we are working with reduced number of staff as the ability to complete the buying and selling of residential property is impacted by Government guidelines

The result is that all transactions will be delayed whilst the current lockdown persists.

Each transaction is likely to progress at a much slower pace than usual, and therefore we kindly ask that during this time, you do please bear with us and allow time for us to deal with your matters as efficiently as possible.

We are working hard to progress your transactions as far as they can be progressed, and in many cases up until the point of exchange of contracts and completion, where we are able to do so. Once restrictions are lifted, we should then be ready to progress quickly to exchange of contracts and completion, in most of the cases that were previously unable to pass this stage.

As you probably know, we have three offices in Bradford, Harrogate and Ilkley, so we can also share and transfer work between them should the need arise.

Health and Hygiene

We have educated our colleagues regarding personal health care, such as regular hand washing, and increased the frequency and depth of cleaning of all our offices and client and visitor areas. We continue to monitor government guidelines and update our actions whenever the advice changes.

If any member of our team suspects they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or any illness themselves or within their households they have been self isolating.

Going Forward

It doesn’t look as if this will be a short term issue, we have put in place plans to make sure that there will be no problems or breaks in the service we provide. We have a project team which meets regularly to ensure that the plans we have in place enable us to continue serving clients.

These plans include:

  • Working with our suppliers to maintain our services and ensure their Coronavirus planning fits in with our own.
  • Testing our Disaster Recovery Operation to maintain continuity of the business however the situation develops.
  • Stress testing the impact of major disruptions and implementing robust plans to protect critical delivery of key client services and operational capabilities.

The Bottom Line

We want to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to support you through this crisis, and we take the quality of our service to you, the health of our people and the health of you very seriously.

If you have any questions or queries regarding your current matter or the issues covered in this communication do not hesitate to contact the lawyer with whom you are dealing or have most regular contact or please contact our Managing Partner Simon Stell.

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